Business Strategy

20 years of experience to generate growth in your company. Why build a business strategy? How to build your business strategy? What resources to allocate to achieve your goals?

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Conquering new markets

And if your company development could be sought from the search of new industries? Are you on the right and most efficient distribution tracks? Why not extend your know how abroad? 

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Operational Excellence

DO you have the right human resources to reach your final buyer/consumer? And what if you reinforced your team with an outsourced sales force? Do you have the ability to quickly establish your new products? Your promotional measures? 

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Our approach

Alanmax considers his client’s activity as his own. This way, our motivation is aligned with our client’s goals! We work together to increase the turnover and to reach the jointly fixed profitability.

We base our knowledge and our expertise on the modus operandi of your internal organization. For the success of our company, we know that we need to integrate our know-how in the way you run your business.

Our strengths


The relevance of our action is based on teams that benefit from a long field experience within large groups and medium-sized business?

In the respect of our corporate culture, we bring you a personalized culture associating know how and know how to be.

Be cause we refuse to be generalist, we work closely with partners sharing our values.


We rigorously commit to our clients with transparency to develop long term relationships.

Our proximity with the management and the teams makes us more efficient. 

Because reactivity is fundamental in a changing world, our flexibility is very much appreciated by our clients.


We constantly stimulate the creativity of each of us in order to bring the best know how to our clients.

The obstacles and the uncertainties do not discourage our will to do everything we can to achieve your goals. 

Our entrepreneurial spirit and our energy are the fuel to face the daily various challenges of our clients.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


Cases completed




Awards winning


Satisfied customers


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